Art is for everyone” best sums up the philosophy of Greek Spaces. Art need not be elitist or pretentious, nor should its price tag be out of reach.

My name is Vicky Pylorides, I am the founder of Greek Spaces. I believe that surrounding yourself with art and objects that speak to you – whatever they may look like – is a great way of expressing yourself. Especially abstract art can create depth, playfulness and authenticity.



Having been raised in Greece and France, my aesthetic expression – whether in my own art or the pieces I collect – is heavily influenced by the Mediterranean lifestyle. The contrast and interplay between ancient and modern, elegance and rawness, warm and cold colours – these inspire the pieces I collect and create.

Greek Spaces is definitely not just about aesthetics. It is the sweet spot of many things I am passionate about: aesthetics, psychology, mysticism and most of all life. I believe that a great interior is one that has succeeded in capturing some of life’s magic and mysteries and that it is not about showcasing a great or sophisticated taste. 

I hope that what you find here can inspire you. I always look forward to hear from you.


founder vicky pylorides statue