terms & conditions

condition of our items

All artworks, objects and textiles in our collection are handmade, antique or vintage, which means they’re not perfect. We think that’s all for the better: imperfections and signs of use are what make objects unique, authentic and – more to the point – loved.

Although every item in our collection is chosen with care, all pieces are sold as seen and we can offer no guarantees of their longevity. Our photography aims to capture every item as it really is – imperfections and all.

sourcing & pricing

We source artworks from across Europe, from a range of different suppliers. There are many, many variables that factor into our decisions on which pieces to purchase, which means that our prices are wide-ranging. Some objects in our collection are extremely affordable, while others may require saving for that special gift – for yourself or another. Our pricing depends on an object’s uniqueness, collectible value, material used to produce it, and purchasing value. In selling pieces at a range of different price points, we hope to make art accessible to all.

privacy & security

We believe your privacy is important. Any records, emails or payment details provided by our customers are strictly private and confidential, and only used to provide you with our service. Never ever will any of those details be passed on to third parties.


If you would like to have any further information on our terms and conditions or just have any other question, please send us an e-mail at info@greekspaces.com.