styling services

Perhaps you’ve recently moved house, and you’re looking at your new blank canvas with enthusiasm and a little trepidation. Or perhaps you’ve been wanting to collect art pieces for a while, but you’re not sure where to start. Whether it’s a big interior design project, or a quick question about an individual artwork, we’re happy to help.

Whatever your situation, get in contact with the art-loving team at Greek Spaces so we can discuss your requirements.

colour consultancy

Putting together the perfect palette

Your living room or bedroom, your office or restaurant – whatever interior you’re working with, colour is key. Choosing the right colour palette – neutral or bold, warm or cool – makes a huge difference to the atmosphere and overall effect of the space. By understanding nuances like light and texture, and by taking into account the function and style of the room, we can create a colour palette that will achieve the balance and coherence you need to elevate your interior.

art sourcing

From individual artwork to complete collection

Interior styling is of course about more than colour. It’s also about what you put into a room: whether an antique coffee table or a modern, abstract painting. Or perhaps both. Finding the right artworks is about creating cohesion and balance in a space, but it’s also about sparking curiosity and a little magic. We can help you find that one signature piece that sets off the room.
Or we can be your partner in curation: helping you build up an entire collection that expresses your taste.